Das Unternehmensgebäude von EuroLam in Wiegendorf / Thüringen.

EuroLam louvre windows - to last a lifetime.

Briefly and succinctly - the EuroLam enterprise at a glance.

EuroLam GmbH operates internationally and is the market leader in the manufacture of innovative louvre window systems, special constructions of aluminium and glass, as well as natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems. EuroLam has a large product portfolio for natural ventilation, smoke gas removal, as well as for efficient protection from weather, sun and noise. 

Louvre windows are deployed to naturally vent buildings or rooms. The large opening area of each louvre creates an advantageous ventilation shaft as compared to normal tilt / turn windows. Rooms can therefore be naturally ventilated in an extremely short time, without the room air cooling down. Check out our products – you’ll be impressed!

EuroLam stands for innovative, technically mature and aesthetically ambitious solutions for facade construction. Right from the start. Today. And in the future.

1992 were national as well as international no variable louvre-windows in the market to satisfy structural-physical and aesthetic customer wishes. Ernst Hommer started to develop innovative and future-oriented systems, driven by ever-changing requirements in reference to heat insulation, sound protection and variability of the systems.

24. January 1997 Ernst Hommer founded EuroLam® GmbH together with one other partner. Up to date existing systems are being developed through our own development-processes and customer requests. Ernst Hommer turns his attention especially to educate young people.

The company offers a product portfolio according to market needs.

Products are being marketed in a integrated and certified business process from the conception up to the ready-for-use delivery.

The high engagement in educating young people is reflected in the above-average number of technical and commercial trainees, which leads to securing an optimal qualified offspring.

What’s important to us – EuroLam’s guiding principles.

It’s important to know what one wants to achieve and what values one wants to stand up for. This is why we’ve drawn up the EuroLam guiding principles, which are the basis of our work and show what’s important to us.

As the leading developer of louvre window systems, we operate worldwide. With corporate responsibility and the highest quality standards to our house and our products, we are well equipped for the challenges of the market.

Beyond customer satisfaction, we inspire our clients by a two-fold more in use value one hand, they obtain a higher utility value than they expect. And on the other hand the utility offered by us is superior to that, what our competitors are able to offer.

Achievement orientation, initiative and personal responsibility, based on know-how and competence, are the pillars of a trusting and fair coexistence of management and staff.

In times of rapid change, we offer our employees and business partners a solid foundation for a common future. Investment in staff training, in product development and process design ensure our high efficiency and our sustainable growth.

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