Das Unternehmensgebäude von EuroLam in Wiegendorf / Thüringen.

Innovations and awards

Louvre windows made by EuroLam have already been awarded multiple prizes for innovation and design. Each award thereby represents a commendation and, at the same time, a challenge. We aspire to develop and produce effective solutions at all times. 

EuroLam ® wins the Innovation Award for the parallel opening window at the BAU 2013 in Munich

On January 15th 2013 the Innovation Prize 2013, as the Innovation Award of the magazines AIT and xia Intelligent Architecture, was assigned to innovative and entrepreneurial companies. Furthermore this prize is awarded to products of high architectural quality.

EuroLam International has applied this year with the world’s first "parallel opening window" for the Innovation Award.

Our parallel opening window is provided for installation in the roof area and serves the natural ventilation and smoke extraction in case of fire.

Previous systems like roof flaps which open in the shape of a rocking motion, are depending and are directly influenced by the wind direction. Our parallel opening window ensures all functions without removing skirting must be used.

For this novelty we were awarded with the Innovation Prize by the magazines AIT and xia Intelligent Architecture at the construction fair BAU 2013 in Munich.

The jury assessed our product as follows:

"This skylight meets many requirements such as aesthetics, safety, physics ..., a real alternative to conventional plastic dome light."

"... How creative design can be in Thuringia, was clearly shown on the fourth Innovation Day in Weimar. Seven of the 70 exhibiting companies could be pleased with prizes of the 8th Thuringian Design Award, presented by the Thuringian minister for economic affairs Juergen Reinholz. One trophy went to Wiegendorf in the district Weimarer Land. The EuroLam GmbH manufactures louvre windows for ventilation of office buildings ..."

Windows that were wider than high were elements of style of architecture in the twenties and thirties. Slats hung windows with chain hoist gear drives have been realized over bumpy in the Bauhaus Dessau. The EuroLam ® Louvre Windows are therefore nostalgia in technical perfection. Especially in manufacturing, they are a clean, clear and unambiguous solution to an old problem.

The Product

EuroLam® Louvre Windows are special windows made of insulated aluminum profiles, which were designed especially for the use of ventilation of premises. Through variable positioning of the blades by 0-8 degrees it is possible that approximately about 80% of the window area can be treated or vented. This is usually only possible with rotary or tilts and turns windows which open at 90 degrees. Especially the large ventilation cross-section makes the use of smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA) of interest and is therefore sustainably required by fire authorities for escape and rescue routes.

The EuroLam ® blades windows can be operated in different ways: directly mounted to a hand lever on the window frame, with a remote control or by electric drives with 24 and 230 volts. The installation of EuroLam ® Louvre Windows can be done as a single element directly into masonry or concrete or can be used with the appropriate adapter profiles in window and facade constructions of all kinds. EuroLam ® Louvre Windows are custom made.

The Innovation Award 1997, awarded for outstanding achievements in the development of new products and processes and in the implementation of economically valuable, cutting-edge technologies in products, production or services.

The Product

The louvre window TGL ISO is made of thermally insulated aluminum profiles and may perfectly use for natural ventilation of premises of all kinds, especially as “SHE” systems (smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems) for flue gas control in escape and rescue routes