Das Unternehmensgebäude von EuroLam in Wiegendorf / Thüringen.

Our Team

Ernst Hommer
Founder and partner
E-Mail: info@eurolam.de
Phone: +49 36462 33 88-0

Heidrun Hommer
General manager
E-Mail: info@eurolam.de
Phone: +49 36462 33 88-0

Henning Röper
Head of Sales
E-Mail: henning.roeper@eurolam.de
Phone: +49 36462 33 88-40

Franziska Prüger
E-Mail: franziska.prueger@eurolam.de
Phone: +49 36462 33 88-21

The direct line to our sales & marketing team. 

Do you have any questions about our louvre windows systems? Our sales & marketing team offer expert information and competent advice.

Our EuroLam staff are just a mouse-click or a phone call away, and can give you answers which will help you make decisions. 

Marc Kallenbach
Sales department
E-Mail: marc.kallenbach@eurolam.de
Phone: +49 36462 33 88-61

Sebastian Wolf
Sales department
E-Mail: sebastian.wolf@eurolam.de
Phone: +49 36462 33 88-42

Stefan Meißner
Sales department
E-Mail: stefan.meissner@eurolam.de
Phone: +49 36462 33 88-44

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