Lamellenfenster von EuroLam sind die perfekte Fassadenlösung im öffentlichen, gewerblichen und privaten Bereich.

Ernst Hommer, the founder and partner of EuroLam, on the advantages of louvre windows

EuroLam louvre windows are well thought out – down to the very last louvre. They combine multiple advantages, making them the perfect facade solution for public, business and private areas. 

Here’s a summary of the overall advantages:

  • Developed, tested and produced for long-term use
  • Create a natural indoor climate with beneficial effects on health, performance and wellbeing
  • Ventilate in an efficient and energy-saving way
  • Burglarproof (resistance classes RC2 and RC3)

Simple to install.

And simple to operate as well. 

Thanks to their electrical, pneumatic and manual drives, EuroLam louvre windows can be precisely regulated, thus creating a natural indoor climate in every room. The time spent on installation and servicing is thereby kept to a minimum. 


Extraction of hazardous smoke gas.

Louvre windows free emergency and escape routes from smoke gas quickly and efficiently.

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Simply breathe

By using the outside air, louvre windows sustainably improve the indoor climate, lower energy costs and protect the environment.

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Opening up new perspectives.

EuroLam louvre windows architecturally enhance buildings with their attractive look and are characterised by their durability.

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A clear view of things.

EuroLam louvre windows are technically mature, functionally efficient and have been awarded innovation and design prizes.

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