Lamellenfenster von EuroLam überzeugen auch designorientierte Architekten.

Aesthetic and functional louvre windows

Opening up new perspectives – On the aesthetic and functional advantages of louvre windows for architects.

EuroLam louvre windows architecturally enhance buildings with their elegant look and are characterised by durability. Louvre windows are thus also style-creating elements which allow completely new architectural perspectives to come into being. This enables functionality and aesthetics to be combined. 

Multiple prizes for innovation and design testify to this aesthetic effect. In addition, EuroLam louvre windows also score points thanks to their technical perfection and enormous range of possible applications. No matter whether as (natural) smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems or as active weather-, sun- and soundproofing components, louvre windows make an impression everywhere.


Outstanding quality 

EuroLam as an award -winning enterprise 

The awards won by EuroLam’s products and solutions include the following: the Innovation Prize at the BAU 2013 trade fair, 2007 Thuringian State Prize for Quality, 8th Thuringian Design Prize of 2003, 1998 Design Prize and the 1997 Innovation Prize for the development of trendsetting technology in products.

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No chance for burglars.

With the RC2 and RC3 certification of our window systems, you can be sure that you are investing in the security of your building.

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Opening up new perspectives.

EuroLam louvre windows architecturally enhance buildings with their attractive look and are characterised by their durability.

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Health is in the air.

With louvre windows, moisture and mould have zero chance and people with allergies have 100 % fresh air – thanks to efficient venting.

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Entrauchung eines Büros durch offene Lamellenfenster.

Danger ahead.

Louvre windows ensure greater safety in the event of a fire and ensure that escape and rescue routes are efficiently kept smoke-free.

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