Lamellenfenster von EuroLam sind nach Widerstandsklasse RC2 und RC3 zertifiziert.

Ernst Hommer, the founder and partner of EuroLam, on the burglarproof quality of our louvre windows.

The fact that the number of burglaries is growing annually means that security is becoming an increasingly important issue for many builder-owners. Through the deployment of new metal fixture systems, our product innovations STG ISO BT 60 and TGL ISO BT 60 successfully passed the test, in accordance with the DIN EN 1627 standard, to gain RC2 certification. RC stands for “Resistance Class”

regarding the prevention of burglaries. Our product innovation TGL ISO BT 70 has even achieved RC3 classification. These certifications assure building designers that, with EuroLam louvre windows, they are investing in the security of the building as well.

Our louvre windows successfully passed the manual, static and dynamic certification tests conducted in accordance with the DIN EN 1627-30 standard. In the testing procedure for RC2 certification, our products resisted simulated break-in attempts using simple lever tools, such as screwdrivers, pliers or wedges, for a period of three minutes. The RC3 louvre windows make it additionally difficult to break in with a further screwdriver and a crowbar or claw wrench. Our products withstood a test break-in using these tools for a full five minutes.  


81 % of all attempted burglaries occur via windows. 

This shows how important the burglary-resistant properties of windows are. The EuroLam engineers set themselves the task of making the louvre windows fit for certification by an independent testing institute, in accordance with RC2 and RC3.

Entrauchung eines Büros durch offene Lamellenfenster.

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