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We’d like to draw your attention to a further EuroLam service: the online calculation tool on this page enables you to calculate the window opening area that you require. 

Louvre windows consist of one or several louvres positioned over one another, and open as a pivoting window sash on a horizontal rotation axis. They are used in post and beam facades, window constructions or masonry. 

The most important purpose for which louvre windows are used is ventilation. The large window opening area creates an advantageous ventilation shaft, which enables rooms to be thoroughly aired within an extremely short time. Due to this feature, louvre windows are also ideal for use as natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (NSHEVS).

Louvre windows combine numerous advantages and are therefore a favoured component in the design and planning of buildings in public, business and private areas. 

Buildings with louvre windows supply people with fresh air in a fast, uncomplicated way. In the event of fire, they can save lives through effectively keeping rooms and corridors free of smoke gas. In addition, architects like to use them as a stylistic device in glass facades.

Louvre windows are therefore an important component of our daily life.

Louvre windows have existed for about 100 years. Their countries of origin lie in Asia and Africa – in precisely those regions where the outstanding ventilation properties of louvre windows most effectively come into their own. 

You are most welcome to download the product documents from our Download Area here or to contact us. We can send you the documents in digital or paper form. If you like, we can also drop by for a consultation session with you. 

Here is the most important contact data: 

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EuroLam´s products are certified in accordance with the DIN EN 12101 and DIN EN 14351 standards. 

Some of our products are also certified for fall protection, ball impact safety, resistance classes, etc. 

You can find the precise certification and the technical values in the Product Area under the product concerned.

NSHEVs are natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems. In the event of fire, these devices automatically open within 60 seconds due to the smoke and heat extraction control system. 

As the windows open, the smoke is discharged in a rapid yet controlled way, thus reducing harm to people and property. Thanks to the supply air openings in the lower part of the room, air exchange can take place many times faster. The accompanying discharge of smoke makes it easier for the people in the room or the building to escape, as there is a significantly decreased strain on the respiratory passages and visibility is markedly improved. This also makes it easier to rescue and evacuate injured people, as well as to carry out controlled fire-fighting measures. 

NSHEVS must be tested and certified in accordance with the DIN EN 12101-2 standard. All louvre windows from EuroLam have this certification. 

EuroLam products can be installed in any type of facade: solutions exist for a wide range of facades. 

Depending on the system – undivided, up to approx. 2500 x 6000 mm, with a shutter height of 400 mm. Each window is manufactured with millimetre precision in accordance with the customer’s request. 

Electrical, pneumatic or manual operation are possible. The electrical drives are available in different models: they are thus available in 230 V and, as stipulated for NSHEVS, 24 V. Special extras are likewise possible, such as the Protection Class 3 function or a failsafe function. Depending on the setting, if the electricity supply fails, the motor then opens or closes the window once more. 

In the case of the manual drive, a hand lever or a crank handle can be used and, on request, also with discharge pipe, window ledge transfer or similar special solutions.

Yes, there are different options for fitting the window with clamping protection. To qualify for Protection Class 3, there is a motor which fulfils these requirements. To obtain a higher protection class, a WPS system can for example be deployed. This monitors the danger zone in front of the window: as soon as anyone enters this zone, the window can no longer be closed. 

The windows are available in all RAL or DB colours. Surfaces come in powder or wet paint coating and anodizing.

We’ll be happy to also give you an estimate for the control or assembly of our elements. 

We’ll also gladly make you an offer for servicing our louvre windows. This ensures functional reliability and you’ll benefit from the durability of our products. 

NSHEVS designed in accordance with the DIN EN 12101 standard must by law be serviced annually. For customers who sign a maintenance contract with us, the warranty is extended to 4 years. 


Simple to install.

And simple to operate as well. 

Thanks to their electrical, pneumatic and manual drives, EuroLam louvre windows can be precisely regulated, thus creating a natural indoor climate in every room. The time spent on installation and servicing is thereby kept to a minimum. 


No chance for burglars.

With the RC2 and RC3 certification of our window systems, you can be sure that you are investing in the security of your building.

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Security against bullets.

Functional protection against bullets thanks to the highly insulated, bullet-resistant GuardAir louvre window system.

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Opening up new perspectives.

EuroLam louvre windows architecturally enhance buildings with their attractive look and are characterised by their durability.

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A clear view of things.

EuroLam louvre windows are technically mature, functionally efficient and have been awarded innovation and design prizes.

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