Lamellenfenster von EuroLam sorgen mit intelligentem Lüftungsmanagement für eine sauerstoffreiche und keimarme Raumluft.

Health is in the air – On the optimal exchange of air with EuroLam louvre windows.

The DIN EN 13779 standard divides room air into four quality classes, in accordance with the concentration of CO2: in the case of values below 800 ppm, room air quality is rated as good, values between 800 and 1,000 ppm are rated as average/medium and values of 1,000 to 1,400 ppm as moderate. In the event of values over 1,400 ppm, indoor air quality is rated as low.

Here, EuroLam louvre windows do a really god job. Compared to tilt windows, stale room air is replaced by fresh air significantly more effectively and rapidly (see simulation). The heat loss remains comparatively low. In addition, due to the automatic regulation of the CO2 concentration in the room air, germs and viruses have little chance. One’s personal sense of well-being is maintained at a high level. 


Over a hundred in operation. 

EuroLam louvre solutions in action 

To date, EuroLam has fitted over 100 children’s daycare centres, schools, universities and sports halls (and the list goes on) with louvre windows for ventilation, thus providing fresh, healthy air in buildings worldwide. 


Opening up new perspectives.

EuroLam louvre windows architecturally enhance buildings with their attractive look and are characterised by their durability.

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A clear view of things.

EuroLam louvre windows are technically mature, functionally efficient and have been awarded innovation and design prizes.

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Simply breathe

By using the outside air, louvre windows sustainably improve the indoor climate, lower energy costs and protect the environment.

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Extraction of hazardous smoke gas.

Louvre windows free emergency and escape routes from smoke gas quickly and efficiently.

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