Lamellenfenster von EuroLam sorgen für einen effizienten Rauchgasabzug.

Ernst Hommer, the founder and partner of EuroLam, on the way that louvre windows function in the event of fire.

Removing hazardous smoke: No matter whether in public, business or private areas, safety is an important issue for all building planners. The foremost principle is that the people who use a building should not come to any harm. 

When it comes to keeping emergency and escape routes free of smoke gas, the use of automated louvre windows solutions (NSHEVS) is particularly advisable. They make it possible to efficiently keep emergency and escape routes smoke-gas-free. This helps rescue teams get to the scene quickly and successfully evacuate everyone from the building, thereby significantly reducing the risk of suffocation. 

EuroLam louvre windows fulfil important building specifications in every area.


NSHEVS – Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems

Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (NSHEVS) extract smoke gases in the event of fire, to ensure a smoke-free area at ground level and on escape routes. The devices used in a smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system are called "natural" if they work without an additional ventilation drive. Throughout Europe, NSHEVS are tested in accordance with the DIN EN 12101-2 standard.


Simply breathe

By using the outside air, louvre windows sustainably improve the indoor climate, lower energy costs and protect the environment.

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Opening up new perspectives.

EuroLam louvre windows architecturally enhance buildings with their attractive look and are characterised by their durability.

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Health is in the air.

With louvre windows, moisture and mould have zero chance and people with allergies have 100 % fresh air – thanks to efficient venting.

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A clear view of things.

EuroLam louvre windows are technically mature, functionally efficient and have been awarded innovation and design prizes.

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