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Corona viruses don't stand a chance

Controlled natural ventilation with our VoltAir® - the energy self-sufficient louvre window from EuroLam -

Controlled natural ventilation minimizes the CO2 content in rooms with the help of a window and ensures good and healthy indoor air quality. On the other hand, valuable heat escapes through a window and enormously increases energy consumption and heating costs. It represents a weak point, so to speak, in the energetically sealed building shell. Louvre windows from EuroLam enable this balancing act between optimal ventilation of rooms without excessive cooling. With our energy self-sufficient louvre windows, with an integrated photovoltaic panel in the glazing, there is automatic, controlled, electrically operated natural ventilation without an additional power connection or the costly laying of cables in the building.

How the VoltAir® works

The energy self-sufficient louvre window works without an additional power connection. The energy is supplied by a photovoltaic panel integrated into the glazing. A control that is also integrated regulates the opening and closing of the window. In the basic version of the control, the times for ventilation are preset. The times were determined by EuroLam as part of a research project and are designed for optimal ventilation with minimal cooling of the room. Another form of control is equipped with monitoring of the CO2 content and temperature monitoring of the room air. This means that the limit value of 900ppm CO2 specified in DIN EN 15251 can be met even more precisely.

Louvre windows from EuroLam can also be operated by electric motor or by hand. It is also possible to later convert a EuroLam louvre window with manual operation to electric operation. In addition to these opening variants, a combined, health-promoting variant is also available. The CO2 measuring device is switched via a control and the louvre window is automatically opened at a value defined by the user, e.g. 900ppm CO2 in the room air. Automatically closed again when the room air quality is hygienically safe, i.e. good, at 600 ppm.

Energy-saving and efficient ventilation
The gigantic ventilation performance of a louvre window results purely from physics, the so-called air pressure difference, i.e. the difference between the air pressure in the interior and the outside air. The window openings act like a valve to reduce temperature or wind-induced pressure differences. So if a louvre window is opened slightly or fully, fresh air flows in at the bottom and the used air flows out at the top. As a result, the entire air in the room can be exchanged in a very short time without the room becoming extremely cold, especially in cooler months. With conventional bottom-hung windows, the ventilation process takes much longer because there is no optimal supply and exhaust air with these window systems. Furthermore, with tilting windows, the room cools down due to the longer opening times. Compared to tilting windows, the air in the room is renewed much more effectively, more energy-efficiently and faster with louvre windows, and germs and viruses don't stand a chance either.

CO2 and aerosols
While humans can perceive some unpleasant substances in the air with the help of their senses, carbon dioxide (CO2) is a gas that is largely odorless and colorless and has a slightly sour taste. Carbon dioxide is not considered toxic, but is dangerous for humans above a certain limit. This means that an increased CO2 value can not only have a significant impact on performance and concentration, but is also crucial for our health. But aerosols are also microscopic particles that can float in the air for a long time and remain unnoticed. Aerosols are smog, cigarette smoke, perfume spray, paint, etc. The Sars Cov 2 viruses adhere to the so-called aerosols - the danger to humans.

EuroLam GmbH | No chance for corona viruses with VoltAir
EuroLam GmbH | No chance for corona viruses with VoltAir

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