Das Unternehmensgebäude von EuroLam in Wiegendorf / Thüringen.

We say on the Day of Creativity and Innovation: Ernst Hommer Thank you for your courage!

The WORLD DAY of CREATIVITY and INNOVATION is intended to encourage people to be bold enough to let their ideas run wild and thereby make the world a better place. At this point we would like to use this day to thank Ernst Hommer, founder and shareholder of EuroLam GmbH, for his courage and the innovative development 25 years ago. His goal was and is: to always provide people with 100% natural fresh air through louvre windows - free of pathogens and with fresh oxygen for more concentration.

The products that were on the market at that time did not have the technical requirements for use in modern, innovative facades. There were no thermally separated systems, the sizes were limited, the use of insulating glass was limited and there were no acceptable thermal insulation properties. His vision was to make the systems that existed at the time better! In 1996 he started developing innovative and future-oriented systems.

To this day, the existing systems are constantly being further developed through in-house development work and customer requests are implemented in object solutions.

The 25-year success story of EuroLam began with the birth of the first louvre window. Constant new developments and orders, both national and international, led to investments in the Wiegendorf site. Not only the growth of the location and the steadily increasing number of employees show that the development is promising, but also the multiple awards in the last 25 years with innovation and design prizes. Every award for the EuroLam company is both praise and a challenge.


  • excellent ventilation properties
  • controlled regulation of the healthy room climate
  • precisely adjustable by motor and pneumatic drives
  • avoiding moisture and mold
  • low installation and maintenance costs
  • durable construction
  • outstanding energy efficiency/environmentally friendly operation
  • optimal use of space (no elements protruding into the room)
  • glass views with an attractive look
  • a plus in security: access and burglary protection
  • NSHEV (smoke and heat extraction) to save human lives in the event of a fire
EuroLam GmbH | We say thank you!
EuroLam GmbH | We say thank you!

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