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Louvre windows -
TGL ISO 24 BT 50 and
TGL ISO 32 BT 60

Design description

  • Installation in vertical façade
  • Frame and blade profiles with thermally insulated composite of aluminum and PA6.6 profiles
  • Filling of 2-glazing or panel
  • Framed glazing all-round

Profile dimensions:

  • Overall frame depth 50 mm
  • Face width of frame 38 mm
  • Face width of vertical blade 33 mm
  • Face width of horizontal blade joint 66 mm

Type of opening:

  • Louvre windows consist of one or several superimposed blades that open on a horizontal axis of rotation as an oscillating wing. Thereby the blades part below the pivot axis opens to the outside and the upper part to the inside. In general the pivot axis is mounted centered, but can be shifted up to 1/3 - 2/3 if necessary.
  • Standard with 78° opening angle, if necessary 0-90°


  • Vertically with brush seal
  • Horizontal profile joint with brush and EPDM seal


  • Concealed fittings
  • Made of corrosion-free materials, galvanized


  • Profiles anodized, powder or wet paint coated possible according to RAL, NCS, DB. Special colors possible

NSHEV – according to DIN EN 12101-2:2003

Aerodynamically effective opening area as per calculation
Functional safety Re 1000
Functioning under load SL 0
Functioning in low temperatures, Size and Weight dependent T (-20)
Stability under wind pressure WL 3000
Resistance to heat B 300-E

Window – according to DIN EN 14351-1

Air permeability (EN 12207) 3 (Special version BT 60: 4)
Impermeability to driving rain (EN 12208) 6 A (Special version BT 60: 7 A)
Resistance to wind pressure (EN 12210) C 2 (Special version BT 60: C 5)
Sound protection (EN ISO 717-1) TGL ISO 32 BT 60: 39 dB
Heat transition coefficient (EN ISO 10077-1)* TGL ISO 24 BT 50: 1,70 W/m²K (with 2-times Insulation glazing),
TGL ISO 32 BT 60: 0,99 W/m²K (with 3-times Insulation glazing),
TGL ISO 32 BT 60: 0,91 W/m²K (with Vakuum-Paneel)
* depending on Size and filling of the louvre window  

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